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Who is Zigleys

Zigleys is pioneering luxury hair jewelry for locs, braids, and twists. Our mission is to illuminate these beautiful cultural hairstyles through adornment in our elevated hair accessories. Crafted from high-quality diamonds and 18-karat gold, we believe fine jewelry adornment should begin at the crown.  

Read our Origin Story

Note by Daria Dana
Founder of Zigleys

“They say you can’t choose where you come from, but you can choose where you go. For me, that journey led to the creation of Zigleys.

I grew up as one of the only two Black girls in a 98% white community, and that community was notorious for its strong cultural biases. My parents, Jamaican immigrants, had worked tirelessly to provide a better life for our family. They chose this town for its reputed school district, unaware of how this racial climate would shape my formative years.

As a young Black girl in this environment, I struggled with self-love. I remember being called slurs, being treated differently by teachers, and having my hair made fun of. My mother taught me how to remain strong even in the midst of discrimination and how to navigate this complex world. While my father, always a staunch advocate for Black pride and African heritage, was the voice who consistently celebrated my sisters and my blackness, and always told us how beautiful our natural hair was. Since childhood, he affectionately called me “Zigley,” a nickname that would later drive the birth of a brand and fuel a movement.

As I reached my teenage years, I slowly delved into the study of race and sociology, and my appreciation for my Black identity gradually deepened. I started to understand that I wasn’t the problem, my hair was not a problem, and my features were not a problem- it was society that had problems. I began to experiment with natural hairstyles, each one a stepping stone towards fully and unabashedly embracing my crown. From twist-outs to faux locs and eventually to real locs, my love for my hair, and myself, grew exponentially.

Fast forward to 2022: I was heading to an event and just put on my 18-karat gold necklace, bracelet, and earrings, and went to “finish” off my look by putting in hair jewelry. But, it wasn’t Zigleys. It was one of those aluminum beauty supply loc jewelry pieces because that’s all I knew. When I looked in the mirror, the contrast in quality between that and the rest of my event look was stark. I went online to see if I could find high-quality hair jewelry to buy for myself, but couldn’t find any. And, in that moment, my purpose became clear. I could barely focus at the event that night because all I could think about was how the world needed this brand.

The journey to create Zigleys began with fervor. I threw myself into the endeavor and worked on Zigleys nonstop for a year. Initially, the brand was to be named “Crown Jewel,” but a text from my dad made me realize there was only one right name: Zigleys.

I envisioned Zigleys as a brand that received the same care and attention as other luxury brands. Why should it be any different because it’s “just” for our hair? “Just”? I firmly believed it should be the other way around! So, our pieces are handcrafted by skilled artisans with decades of experience. Each piece is a labor of love and precision. We use only precious metals and brilliant-cut diamonds, the most coveted cut for their glistening shine. Our focus is on longevity, ensuring that your pieces are not just beautiful but enduring. Zigleys is not just about adornment; it’s about affirmation. It’s high-quality jewelry truly fit for our crowns.

Jewelry for your crown, fit for royalty—because I believe we are royalty. Zigleys is more than a brand; it’s a testament to our beauty. It’s what we deserve, and it’s what we’ve been waiting for.

So, what does the future of Zigleys look like? Our mission is to be a beacon of empowerment and self-expression, where Black pride and beauty shine unapologetically. In the years ahead, we see Zigleys becoming a global symbol of affirmation and excellence. We aspire to expand our collection of high-quality jewelry, ensuring that every jewel embodies the luxury you deserve.

We’ll strive to foster a community of individuals who uplift each other, celebrate their heritage, and stand proudly in their truth. As we move forward, we pledge to invest in initiatives that support Black communities, both locally and globally. We aim to create spaces where stories are shared, dreams are nurtured, and self-love is celebrated.

Our vision is a world where Zigleys jewelry is a symbol of strength and the unwavering belief that every individual is beautiful, deserving, and destined to shine.

Your story is our inspiration, and your inner and outer beauty is our mission.

Daria Dana

Distinctive. Special. In a Class of Its Own.

Zigleys meticulously crafted designs are unequaled. You won’t find these anywhere else.

Expert Craftsmanship

Handcrafted and made to order in New York, using state-of-the-art technology and equipment for an exceptional result.

Best of the Best

We use sustainable 18-karat gold and brilliant-cut diamonds so you can keep shining for years.

Secure and Sure

Secure your jewelry in place with our signature, handcrafted locking mechanism.

By Us, For Us

Black woman-owned and operated with a black and POC team driving our mission forward.