Nola, Glitter, Denim, Face Paint, and MJB:

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Concert and Festival Season 2023 

March has ended and April has arrived. That means: festival season is upon us!

And whether Coachella’s lineup, Essence Fest, J. Cole, Afropunk or Lil Uzi Vert and Glorilla are your vibe, your festival fit has to be on point. Every day, every outfit. 

At Zigleys, we know that putting together the perfect attire for any occasion, means starting from the crown and dressing down. Meaning, the perfect hairstyle, accessorized with the just-right hair pieces, can give you the freedom to wear anything you want– from a sequined romper, to a floral print button-down with khaki shorts and boat shoes, to that infamous sun dress… no matter who you are, when your crown, is crowned, you’ll always look totally put together.

  Credit: Lea Raymond (@lalearcreative), Essence Fest 2022

And because festivals and concerts are the perfect opportunities to explore the more eccentric parts of your personal style, don’t hold back! When it comes to festival culture, the rule is, there are no rules, so wear what makes you feel dope, fly, like “her,” like that jawn, like “him.” Literally all of the things. 

 Credit: Ammar Thomas, KOLOR Magazine

We suggest you start with Zigleys luxury hair adornments. Why? Because unlike the hair accessories you’ve tied on for previous concerts and fests, Zigleys won’t end up on the ground for someone else to clean up. Nope. Zigleys also won’t snag and get caught in another attendee’s feather boa while you’re whippin it and Zigleys will look just as radiant on Day 4 of the festivities as it did on Day 1. 

That’s because all of our designs are made from 18k yellow gold. Not filled, not plated, which means Zigleys pieces will not warp, bend or break, giving our jewelry long-term durability for frequent wear long after the party’s over. All of our pieces come with an adjustable locking mechanism that’s easy-to-use and passes through your braid, loc or twist and tightens into the piece’s metal body to keep your Zigleys secure. Our designs that include diamonds all feature brilliant cut, quality and size-matched diamonds, inlaid in smooth bezel settings. And because Zigleys stones are recessed, as mentioned above, your fest threads will be snag-free and won’t catch or unravel your hairstyles. 

With Zigleys, you can really get creative– make it a Besties Moment and rock your coords with your squad while also wearing your matching Zigleys pieces (“if we locked in, ain’t no switchin’ up”).

Credit: Lea Raymond (@lalearcreative), Essence Fest 2022

Or keep the festival vibes at the boo level and get complimenting Zigleys pieces for you and bae. Then wear them every day as a visual reminder of how you’re connected in thought (head) and deed (heart).

Basically, with Zigleys as your hair adornment jewelry of choice, the style possibilities really are endless. From Afroboho, to combat boots, sequins and glitter to neoprene and spandex, when you wear Zigleys, your diamonds will be shining bright, while you shine bright like a diamond, and your Zigleys lay as smooth as real baby hairs.

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Then, peruse our Premier Collection to explore the Zigleys natural hair jewelry piece(s) that will complete your 2023 festival wardrobe!