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Zigleys is the first, and only, of its kind. We create fine jewelry made specifically for wear in locs, braids, and twists. Our mission is to illuminate these already beautiful traditional hairstyles through adornment in Zigleys exclusively 18-karat gold line of unique hair jewelry designs, some embedded with diamonds. 

“People have been saying for so long that these hairstyles are unprofessional, and so many don’t see them as compatible with luxury. We don’t need jewelry to tell us that’s not true. But our hair, our crowns, are very personal to us and have deep cultural significance. Why not adorn it?” says the founder.  

Our goals are simple: accentuate beauty and contribute to the changing narratives around natural hairstyles.


Founder & Owner

Dana founded Zigleys out of combined love for black hair, culture, and fashion She noticed that despite hair jewelry being used for centuries and being a vital part of African civilization, it was the only kind of jewelry no one chose to make fine jewelry out of. This unfilled space in the jewelry industry allowed Zigleys to come in and pioneer the first fine jewelry line designed for locs, braids, and twists. Zigley was the founder’s nickname, given to her by her father, who always told her how beautiful her natural hair was. The name honors her father, the beauty of black hair, the communities collective journey toward self-love, acceptance, and reintegration with its roots.

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