The Classic

Long Solid and Gold Hair Cuff


Set a high standard for everyday glamor with Zigleys The Classic, a 24mm long, custom-made 18k yellow gold (750/1000) luxury hair accessory, designed to make a regal statement with its clean silhouette.

Please note that the carat weight and product dimensions will vary based on the size you order.

Model is wearing size 8mm.

  • 18k yellow gold
  • 24mm long
  • Product ID: ZHJP-C-G


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18k Yellow Gold: This superior metal is composed of 75% gold and will not warp, bend or break, giving our jewelry long-term durability for frequent wear.

Adjustable Locking Mechanism: The easy-to-use locking mechanism passes through your braid, loc or twist and tightens into the metal’s body to keep your luxe natural hair accessory securely in place.

Our Family Heritage: Each Zigleys hair jewelry piece features our hallmark Zigleys emblem, an ode to a heritage of design that highlights elevated materials and keen craftsmanship.

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