Long Hair Cuff with Z Pattern


Featuring a laser cut, repeating “Z” pattern modeled after the “Z” in the Zigleys logo, this 24mm, 18k yellow gold (750/1000) piece sets the bar high with its innovative fusion of contemporary geometric lines and classic styling. Zigleys’ signature piece.

Please note that the carat weight and product dimensions will vary based on the size you order.

Models locs are size 9mm.

  • 18k yellow gold
  • 24mm long
  • Product ID: ZHJP-Z-G


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18k Yellow Gold: This superior metal is composed of 75% gold and will not warp, bend or break, giving our jewelry long-term durability for frequent wear.

Adjustable Locking Mechanism: The easy-to-use locking mechanism passes through your braid, loc or twist and tightens into the metal’s body to keep your luxe natural hair accessory securely in place.

Our Family Heritage: Each Zigleys hair jewelry piece features our hallmark Zigleys emblem, an ode to a heritage of design that highlights elevated materials and keen craftsmanship.

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