When it comes to creating exquisite jewelry that stands the test of time, Zigleys takes pride in the meticulous selection of materials. Our commitment to quality and longevity is one of the reasons we opt for 18K gold over alternatives like 10K, 14K, or silver. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the specific reasons behind our choice of 18K gold and explain why it’s the ideal choice for fine hair jewelry that you’ll treasure for generations.

  1. Silver’s Limitations:
    While silver is a more affordable option, it comes with limitations that make it ill-suited for hair jewelry intended for everyday wear. Silver is extremely prone to tarnishing, which means it requires constant maintenance and removal before activities like showering or haircare.

    Additionally, silver is softer and more malleable than gold, making it less suitable for intricate designs and functional elements like screws. For example, our signature locking mechanism seen in our Classic Cuffs would not be workable with silver pieces, as the threading on the silver screw would quickly wear and erode, causing the screw to lose its functionality and your piece to potentially fall off and get lost – that’s a big no!
  2. Gold Purity Matters:
    At Zigleys, we understand that the purity of the metal is paramount when crafting fine jewelry. Karat (K) is a measure of gold purity, with 24K gold being 100% pure. 18K gold consists of 75% pure gold, making it significantly more pure than 10K (41.7% pure gold) and 14K (58.3% pure gold).

    This higher gold content not only gives our pieces a rich, warm color that’s unmistakably luxurious, but it also helps ensure that you can wear your jewelry during all of your daily activities (showering, swimming, and working out) without tarnishing.

    You might be wondering why we don’t use 24K gold if that’s the case. Well, the higher the gold content, the softer the jewelry. Because 24K is so soft, it is also highly malleable and extremely susceptible to scratches. That’s why 18K is really the sweet spot for fine jewelry, especially if you’re going to be wearing it in your hair every day and during your maintenance routines.
  3. A Family Heirloom:
    We design our jewelry with the intention of it lasting you a lifetime and perhaps becoming a cherished family heirloom, passed down through generations. The higher gold content in 18K gold ensures that your jewelry will remain beautiful and valuable for years to come. Its resistance to tarnish and wear makes it suitable for everyday wear, so you or your loved ones never have to take it off, keeping it close to your heart and in your family for generations.
  4. The White Gold Screw:
    Intricacy and functionality are the hallmarks of Zigleys fine jewelry. While our pieces are all currently yellow gold, we strategically chose to use white gold for part of our screws. For Classic Cuffs, pieces that require screws, we utilize hidden white gold for the base and threading for a crucial reason: durability.

    White gold is an alloy of gold and other metals, often rhodium-plated for added strength. This makes it far stronger than yellow gold, ensuring that the screw functions flawlessly and maintains its integrity over time. It’s all about ensuring that your jewelry remains secure and functional throughout its lifetime.

At Zigleys, our choice of 18K gold is a testament to our commitment to crafting fine jewelry that not only dazzles with its beauty but also endures through generations. 18K gold ensures that your Zigleys pieces remain timeless treasures.