In the realm of adornment, Zigleys stands as a beacon of cultural reverence and timeless elegance. Our hair jewelry collection draws inspiration from our African heritage, weaving together threads of tradition, history, and legacy, with a modern twist.

Africa Inspired Elegance

At Zigleys, our foundational commitment is to honor our ancestors and our history. Each piece in our collection pays homage to the Africa's diverse cultures, from the regal elegance of ancient Egypt to the tribal motifs of West Africa, our jewelry strives to embody the spirit of those who came before us. 

A Glance Into History

Hair jewelry has been an integral part of African culture for millennia, serving as symbols of status, spirituality, and identity. In ancient Egypt, 24K gold adorned the tresses of pharaohs and queens, reflecting their divine lineage and opulent lifestyle. The gleam of gold symbolized power, prosperity, and eternal beauty, a legacy that continues to captivate the world to this day.

Gold Jewelry in the Ashanti Kingdom and the Kingdom of Mapungubwe

Two regions renowned for their exquisite gold jewelry are the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana and the Kingdom of Mapungubwe in South Africa. In the Ashanti Kingdom, goldsmiths crafted intricate pieces for royalty and nobility, infusing each design with symbolism and tradition. Similarly, the Kingdom of Mapungubwe produced exquisite gold artifacts, showcasing the artistic prowess of ancient African civilizations. These regions serve as testament to Africa's enduring legacy of gold, inspiring our own creations at Zigleys.

The Tale of Cowrie Shells:

Another iconic symbol in African adornment is the cowrie shell. Used as currency, talismans, and embellishments, cowrie shells held, and still do hold, profound significance in many African societies. Their association with fertility, wealth, and protection made them valuable  possessions, cherished for their natural beauty and cultural resonance. At Zigleys, our Cowrie Shell Collection pays homage to this history. 

Ancestral Legacies:

At Zigleys, we believe that our jewelry is more than just adornment; it is a tribute to our ancestors and the legacies they left behind. With each piece we create, we honor the regular people, artisans, visionaries, and storytellers who shaped African culture and heritage. Our jewelry serves as a bridge between past and present, a tangible reminder of the beauty and resilience of the African spirit, and our inherent magnificence. 




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