Cowrie Cuffed

By Zigleys

At the heart of this stunning design rests a meticulously selected, ethically sourced cowrie shell, a symbol rich in African heritage and historical significance, encased within a solid 18-karat gold band, crafted to enhance and frame its innate beauty. The detachable Z Hoop at the top can be mixed and matched with any of our other charms, stacked, or worn on its own.

Due to natural variations in cowrie shells, each piece will have slightly unique characteristics making your piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Charm FAQ's

Can I wear charms in microlocs?

Yes! Either put it through your microloc, or braid two together securing them at the bottom and put the charm through.

How can I wear and style charms?

Our hair charms are incredibly versatile and can even be worn as earrings.

Check out our style guide for inspiration!

How do Zigleys hair charms stay secure?

Zigleys Charms:
Open the Z Hoop, put it through (not around) your loc, braid, twist and push it closed until you hear the *click.*

For a visual demonstration, check out this video.

Can I wear Zigleys charms as earrings?

Yes, any of our hair charms can also be worn as earrings (and vice versa)!

For a visual demonstration, check out this video.

Will showering/swimming/sitting under the dryer/hair detoxing/ etc. damage my piece?

No! As long as you take care to avoid scratching your Zigleys, feel free to continue your usual lifestyle and hair care routine without worrying about your pieces diminishing. You can clean your Zigleys as needed by boiling in water with liquid soap.