Zigleys Closed Cuffs:
Each Zigleys closed cuff comes with two custom screws bearing the Zigleys logo. Insert the screw through the small hole in the jewelry body. Then, pass the screw through the braid, loc or twist of your choice. Secure your Zigleys by twisting the screw into the jewelry body until it’s tightened.

For a visual demonstration, check out this easy, 3-step tutorial video.

Zigleys Charms:
Open the Z Hoop, put it through (not around) your loc, braid, twist, or earring hole, and push it closed until you hear the *click.*
For a visual demonstration, check out this video.

Zigleys Charms:

One size fits all. No need to measure!

Zigleys Cuffs:

Grab a tape measure that has millimeter metrics. Measure (left to right) across your loc, braid, or twist, and that will be your size.

If we don’t have your size available, you can request custom sizing at customsizing@zigleys.com. There will be an additional charge for custom sizing that depends on how much extra material your size requires.

No! As long as you take care to avoid scratching your Zigleys, feel free to continue your usual lifestyle and hair care routine without worrying about your pieces diminishing. You can clean your Zigleys as needed by boiling in water with liquid soap.

Yes! All of our jewelry is 18-karat solid gold. Our jewelry is not gold-plated, and it is not gold-filled.

People with very immature locs, straight or loose hair, or loose braids or twists, should not wear Zigleys.

Unsure? Do the comb test: stick a tail comb into the middle of your hair where you would place a Zigleys and try to run it down. If the comb can unravel your hair, you shouldn’t wear Zigleys yet.

Yes! To request custom sizing for a Zigleys cuff, please email us at customsizing@zigleys.com. Please note: we are not currently offering sizes below 7mm. Sizes larger than 15mm will incur an additional fee.

Zigleys Charms – Yes!
Zigleys Cuffs – Yes, if you braid, twist or weave your microlocs to a width of at least 7mm (our current smallest cuff offering).